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Bryan Lewis has been obsessed with music ever since he was a kid. Bryan used to carry a little hand held transistor radio with him everywhere he went.Bryan loves all kinds of music but country music by far has always been his favorite. He loves country music because it is so lyrically driven and evokes so many emotions because it’s relatable to real life... his life.

After graduating high school Bryan spent several years following the rodeo circuit as a bull rider. Sometimes he would do double duty at rodeos and not only riding bulls but also play music. It was kind of the best of both worlds doing both things he loved to do. But after an injury to his hand he began to worry that the bull riding would jeopardize his guitar playing so after six years of bull riding he quit to follow his musical dreams.

He learned early on as a songwriter that the best songs he could possibly write came from his own life experiences. He writes about what he knows about and draws on feelings and emotions and situations from his own life or those close to him.

He started performing after he started writing. Soon he realized that he loved performing just as much as he loved writing music. It was apparent very soon that he had a knack for interaction with the crowd. It was such a rush to truly connect with an audience. He has
alot of energy on stage and that seems to really get the crowd into it.

Early on he played anywhere he could. He started sitting in with a local bluegrass band. One night while the rest of the band was on break he stayed on stage and played some of his own songs and the crowd really enjoy it and he was hooked. As luck would have it there was a man in the audience that owned a theater in southern Ohio where he held a country music show every saturday night called “The Paint Valley Jamboree” He asked Bryan to perform the very next week. After a very enthusiastic performance he was asked to become a regular performer on the show. Not long after that Bryan joined a band that mostly played the clubs and honkytonks.

Since then Bryan has his own band and has been in the studio recording his very own CD. The CD is getting airplay on local radio stations and has been accepted very well by his fans. Bryan has been performing at fairs, festivals and clubs and has opened up for artists like David Allen Coe, Tracy Lawrence and country music hall of famer Charlie Louvin. in 2009 Bryan had the opportunity to perform with Charlie Daniels at his annual Family Reunion Party inhis home town of Mt. Juliet, TN.