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DAVID CHURCH BIOGRAPHY From Appalachian Mountains of Ohio to Europe and National TV! Country music has influenced many lives through the lyrics of the songs, but no one could possibly be more affected in all aspects of their lives than David Church. He is considered by many to be the BEST Hank Williams Tribute artist, but he is also an incredibly talented singer/songwriter/entertainer in his own right!

He is currently being featured regularly on RFD-TV's popular show, "Midwest Country." The show is broadcast to over 130 Million via satellite and cable networks both nationally and regionally. RFDTV is broadcast from Nashville, TN to Dishnet(9409)DirectTV,(379),Comcast & Mediacom Cable. The show features major artists such as Bill Anderson, Jean Shephard, and numerous others. The producer of Midwest Country, Joe Jenson stated, "David has something special, that same charisma that Hank had. When he walks on stage, the audience is spellbound! He is our most popular act!"

David received the prestigous, "RISING LEGEND" award for 2006 from the NTCMA. This award is only awarded to fast rising artists in traditional country music.

"A Legend Froze In Time," and other original songs David has written have been played on numerous radio stations throughout the world , including the popular XM radio show with legendary DJ, BILL MAC.

David's father and uncles were musicians, and he listened to the sound of their music, playing the banjo, guitar, lap steel before he could walk. He was captivated by all the early songs, but the most profound influence on his life was Hank Williams, Sr. He learned to play rhythm guitar early and he started performing when he was only 8 years old. David's own buzz word for the traditional music he loves is "STRAIGHT UP COUNTRY" and he feels Hank's music is just as fresh and alive today as it was then.

A few years ago, after spending 10 years in bluegrass, he made the decision to venture back to country music. In early 2000 he recorded his first country album in Nashville with several original songs he had written. A short time later, "Images of a Country Drifter"a historical tribute to Hank, was created. In March of 2003, David recorded, "A Legend Froze In Time" his tribute to Hank Williams, along Don Helms Hanks orginal steel guitar player. David & Terri Lisa have performed all over the world.

Hanks music is more popular today throughout the world than ever before. His influence will continue to be as much a part of our future, as it has our past. David is a member of CMA (Country Music Association) BMI, and IFCO, (International Fan Club Organization)

"It has been an incredible honor and privilege to play a part in keeping the music of this legend alive. And the best part is meeting the people worldwide that still love the sound of traditional country music, and knowing that I can bring to life once more the awesome sound of a legend." David Church


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