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“Kelly, your songs touch the heart. You made me cry and I haven’t cried in 40 years.” So said a Vietnam vet to Kelly after she had performed her songs “cold sweat, little guy, and daddy’s footsteps and other songs at the V.A. Medical Center in Chicago Ill. “I just write what God puts on my heart. I write what I know, what I experience, what I go through, what I see others go through in life.”

Kelly Trudell has experienced a lot and it shows when you listen to her music.

Kelly was born at Ft. Jackson Army Hospital in Columbia, S.C. “Dad was in the service, so we moved around a lot. My brothers Scott and Randy were born in France, my brother Chris was born in Richland,Va. and my two sisters Cathy and Angie were born in Jackson, Michigan. I am the oldest of six kids so I learned early on about responsibility. Being raised up on a farm helped with that. That is where I learned the value of hard work. I learned nothing is given to you unless you earn it. Laziness will get you no where. When I was 10 years old, I made the mistake of telling my dad that I was bored. My dad said “so you are bored huh? Okay, come with me.” I walked with my dad down to the barn. He gave me a shovel that was almost as big as I was. He told me to muck out the horse stalls. We had 5 horses at the time, so needless to say I was shoveling manure till dark. But after I was done, I was pretty proud of myself and I made a deal with dad; I would muck out the stalls if I could have my own horse. He said he would think about since I did such a good job.”

Hard work and perseverance are just two facets of Kelly’s persona which she has applied to her music career. Kelly has traveled down some interesting roads where hard knocks and hard choices have offered her great lessons. “I was living in Nashville, Tennessee in 1989. I was married and my daughter Danielle was born in 1990 at Jackson Baptist Hospital. Life was good. I was writing with other songwriters, performing at the bluebird, and meeting with publishers who liked my songs. As my music career flourished, my marriage did not. I had to make a choice. I could stay in Nashville and raise Danielle on my own, or I could come home to Michigan, go back to college to better support my daughter. I decided to go home to Michigan.

I left Nashville driving a u-haul with my little girl in the front seat. My heart was broken and I was so distraught that when I stopped for gas…I locked Danielle in the u-haul. I tried not to panic as Danielle started to cry. The lady at the gas station said “it’s going to be all right. I will pray for you darling.” Soon a police officer came and jimmied the lock. He asked me where I was headed. I told him Michigan. He then asked “are you driving by yourself?” I said “yes, it’s just me and my daughter.” He then said “take care and have a safe trip.”

1987 Nashville Bound
1990 Worthy of Love
2001 Kelly Trudell
2009 Vigilant