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LIGHT THE BLACK SKYE is everything the band's name suggests. The music is filled with edgy yet uncomplicated sounds, catchy hooks & unique melodies you typically don't hear, transcending pure nakedness and passion for what they do.

The essence of Light the Black Skye is JOE NASSAR (singer-songwriter) and STEVEN OSSANA (singer-songwriter and lead guitarist). JOE and STEVEN are originally from Long Island NY where they were born and raised. Steven Ossana has worked on various recording projects and signed a recording deal with Polygram/Mercury Records with the band ROB RULE. Joe's voice has yet to be compared or placed amongst today's genres, he has worked on many respected projects over the years. His recent endeavor was being part of the band "Vent" which produced two albums and was well recognized on both the West coast and East coast Scenes.

The idea of LTBSKYE came together late one night in 2009 sitting around a table in Las Vegas over a unexpected weekend reunion between Joe and Steven. They quickly recruited fellow New Yorker Sean Newbert on bass and powerhouse Pauly D finished the line up on drums. The band made their debut at the "HOUSE of BLUES" in Las Vegas at MANDALAY BAY. LIGHT THE BLACK SKYE has both the sway and songwriting ability to appeal to a wide range of listeners and a High octane ROCK show.