Instructional Videos

Introduction Video Featuring Ed Seay and Anthony Martin

Coming Soon!

Ever want to learn how to play an instrument but never had anyone to teach you or you just couldn't understand what the instructional book was trying to get across? Well now's your chance to learn how to play your favorite instrument by watching step by step instructional videos online in the comfort of your own home at your own pace by famous players. We here at will soon be offering online music lessons teaching you to play guitar, drums, horns, bass, piano, and even accordian,yep thats right according! Plus a whole lot more. Not only will there be simple beginner courses but our famous players will be offering detailed advanced courses like how to play jazz or rock drums, acoustic or rock guitar, etc.

We will also be offering vocal lessons. Learn the proper way to sing and go through the correct vocal warm ups. All right here at

Stay Tuned......





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