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Exclusive Interview With Eric Moore Of The GODZ Filmed At Legends of Music Barn!

Eric Moore, lead singer, bass, guitar and founding member of the classic rock group THE GODZ made an appearance here at MusicArtists4U.com to film and EXCLUSIVE interview which will be aired shortly.


Emma King From Northern Britain First Artists To Film At Legends of Music Barn!

Emma King from Northern Britain was the first artist to be filmed for our fall TV show season at The Legends Of Music Barn. It was a fun filled day for Emma, Ritch Spence and Mike Newsham who accompanied her. They were overwhelmed with the facility and our production.

For More On Emma King

Preview TV Taping



MusicArtists4U.com Announces it will start offering Flac Downloads

Flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a codec for lossless compression of digital audio. Digital audio compressed by FLAC's algorithm can typically be reduced to 5060% of its original size and decompressed to an identical copy of the original audio data.

MusicArtists4U.com will now offer music in the Flac format. This means you will be able to download music as if it came right out of the studio at the highest form of quality that can be reached!

We will be offering different packages where you can buy the physical CD and why your waiting for the CD to arrive you will be able to download the MP3 versions and the Flac versions along with the CD artwork that you can print and make your own CD from your download.



MusicArtists4U.com Is Proud To Announce It Will Be Filming It's TV Shows In The Legends Of Music Barn

The Legends of Music Barn is located just outside the small town of Clark, Ohio netled in amish country and is owned and painted by our good friend Ruston Baker. Ruston has agreed to allow us to start shooting our TV Shows in this wonderful facility along with our commercials and artists promo videos. Our fully equipped soundstage includes all new LED lighting with six state of the art cameras along with jib arms and dollys in order to capture the most difficult shots. We have recently purchased a Pro-Tools rig that will allow us to track each performance and mix the performance audio to give the most highest quality recording. For more pictures of the barn click here.

When an artist or songwriter comes to the MusicArtists4U.com Soundstage they will not only be on our TV Show but will acquire what we call a six pack. A Six Pack consists of 6 songs professionally recorded and mixed, six performance videos made into a promo video, band photo, 60 second TV commercial advertising the new CD (which will air on our TV Shows), and a radio promo advertising the new CD that will air on our streaming radio stations.


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