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Get more bang for your buck. Make more money from selling your music here then any other music site.
Get your music played on our streaming radio stations.
You and your music are backed by major sponsors like Coke and their big promotions.
We have a services section that aids you in anything you may need for your next gig or project at discount rates.
We have a huge network of venues and we help you get bookings.
No complicated menu and accounting system to learn. With us you have real people that handle all the work load.
We do all the work. Need new music on your page or anything changed we handle it all.
No other site works this hard to bring you customers and fans to buy your music.
• At you get all the PR that you could ever need.
• You recieve a detailed accounting report and check each month that includes who bought your music for your database of fans.
We help you promote yourself at your own shows.

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