MusicArtists4U.com is locally owned and operated by individuals who are music industry veterans that love good music and know good music when they hear it!

   MusicArtists4U.com is a totally new media that will create a place for good quality music by talented musicians which up until now would have never been heard. A place for established artists to be recognized and be able to be seen and heard again. A place for Singer/Songwriters with catalogs of great music that no one has ever experienced will now be able to get their music in the hands of YOU the consumer! Everyone in the music business is trying to figure out how to introduce new artists and how to sell their music. In this day and age it's almost impossible to get your music aired on radio or television so we have created a totally new media that will allow all these artists to be seen and heard. Artists like Charlie Daniels, Little Texas, Peter Rivera (Rare Earth), John Anderson, Confederate Railroad and more have had new CD's released but radio and television refuse to play their new material so the general public has no way of knowing they have new music available. We intend to change that! MusicArtists4U.com will be a place where the consumer will be able to buy and download the artists music and videos and also buy the artists merchandise and venues will be able to book the artist all under one roof.

   Bruce Uher, founder of MusicArtists4U.com, has owned his own business, MultiMedia-Interactive, for almost 30 years and works with such artists as Charlie Daniels, Confederate Railroad, Tracy Lawrence and more. Bruce came up with the idea for MusicArtists4U.com about 15 years ago but at that time it wasn't feasible to do because not everyone had high speed internet. Now is the time because nearly everyone has high speed internet world wide. Bruce has teamed up with long time friend Anthony Martin, musician, producer and former Sony A&R executive and Keith Bilbrey who hosted the Grand Ole Opry for 30 years, to launch this new venture along with a crew of several others.

   Bruce grew up in Coshocton, Ohio and listened to classic rock and country music from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. Back in this era he believes was the golden years of both country and rock music. Back in a time when you heard a song on the radio and you could run right out to your local record store and buy it. Back when a disc jockey was allowed to play what he or she wanted. Back in a time when you had to know how to play and sing and we didn't care what you looked like. Back in this era we were introduced to new music and new talent by means of television shows like The Midnight Special, Don Kirschner's Rock Concert, Prime Time Country and Pop Goes The Country and Soul Train just to name a few. Thank God we had people like Burt Sugarman (Midnight Special), Don Kirschner (Don Kirchner's Rock Concert), Don Cornelius (Soul Train), Gary Chapman (Prime Time Country), Ralph Emory (Ralph Emory Show) and Keith Bilbrey (Grand Ole Opry) to provide us with such music.

   MusicArtists4U.com will bring back this concept by using modern technology the internet where we can reach millions of people world wide. The concept consists of our website where we will be broadcasting everything from our television shows to our radio stations, our news, and our backstage interviews, live shows and more. We will start out with three genres of music, Country, Rock, and Blues and later be adding Gospel, Bluegrass, R&B, Metal and more. We will create a television show, an internet radio station and an online music video channel for each genre of music. The television show will consist of a host and will include new and established artists performing their music live along with interviews. The radio stations will broadcast our artists music and inform the listeners of the song, artist and writer and allow them to buy the music on our website. We will offer the artists music and videos online for download or the consumer can have the merchandise shiped to them. Each artist will have their own page with all their information, music, videos, etc. and information on how to book the artist. We go further than any other music download service out there we help the artist promote themselves in many ways. Once the artist joins we help the artist build their fan base and show them ways they never thought of to build a huge fan base of people who will buy their music and attend their shows so they won't need a record label to sell their product and giveaway their profits.

   MusicArtists4U.com will also have available video downloads. Record labels over the years have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on creating videos for their artists and the only return they received on their investment was exposure from that video. We will offer these videos for sale as downloads on our service. All these videos have been sitting on shelves collecting dust but now the labels and artists will be able to profit from these videos by allowing us to digitize them and sell them on our service. New artists can also sell their videos online.

   We are proud to announce that our country television show will be hosted by the famous Keith Bilbrey. Keith was the voice of the Grand Ole Opry for more than 30 years and had his own radio show on WSM Radio. Keith is proud to be part of our venture and looks forward to hosting the show that will be filmed in Nashville in the famous Big Boy Room at The Sound Kitchen Studio and in part at the famous Legends Corner and our own Studio/Soundstage. The Singer/Songwriter show will be filmed in Nashville at the famous Fireside Studios (Porter Wagoners old studio) and our Rock N Roll show will be filmed in Cleveland, Ohio and hosted by The Ghoul who was famous back in the early 70's when he hosted his own late night movie show.

     We will be promoting our new venture by airing television commercials on GAC, CMT, VH1 Classic and various other television stations in your local area and parking our vinyl wrapped vans outside venues across the country where our artists will be performing. We will also be setup at these venues handing out brochures to all the concert goers and filming backstage footage and interviewing concert goers.

   MusicArtists4U.com will not only help artists and singer/songwriters but we will help charities by having our artists sign guitars and memorabilia and at the end of each year we will auction the items off online and donate the proceeds to charities such as St. Jude Childrens Hospital.

Be sure to keep checking back for more information. We will be devoloping all the sections of our site and our shows so check back often.

For more information contact us at info@musicartists4u.com

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